About us

We are a young enterprise capable of flexibly responding to even the most diverse requirements of today’s market. Being a young enterprise, however, does not mean being inexperienced. We are a young enterprise in the truest sense of the word:

- Young enough to be always state-of-the-art, to have our own visions, to pursue our own ideas and to improve existing ideas and products

- Young enough to never take no for an answer

- Flexible enough to adapt ourselves to new, different requirements

- Ambitious enough to aim for the very top rung

But we are experienced enough to recognise that security is more important to you than unrealisable dreams. In this respect, we are conventional suppliers with orderly structures and fixed points of contact, attributes you need to be able to trust a company.

“What we cannot accomplish alone we can achieve together with our team and our partners!” is our motto, which reflects how open-minded we are to cooperation.


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Our target groups

Retailers, wholesalers, online shop and shop owners, small and medium-sized enterprises from the consumer electronics sector